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I just wanted to take a little time to let you know how much I appreciate your business and why I started Out of the Box the Game. I starting working with children at the age of 14, and after twelve years I had developed a game that was originally designed for the naughtier children to play to get their minds off of things and have a little fun. The rest of the children wanted to play and enjoyed the game just as much. After discovering this game could be shared around the world, I decided to take action and create the Adult, Family and Outside versions. I am currently working on the 1 on 1 version so any one can play with another person. My hope is that anyone who plays this game has fun with those who are playing or play with a stranger and still have the same amount of fun. At its core I know when a game is sold a person has made a decision to have a little fun in their life which is all I want for everyone.

Samuel Green (Owner, Creator)

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