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Each player chooses a teammate. (There can be groups of 3 but 2 is best) unless the players are playing 1 on 1 or We the 3. The objective of the game is to collect more cards than the other team(s)/ player(s) who are playing. You can set a time limit for play, or card limit for play, or play The Levels and choose how many Cards you need to progress and eventually win.

Step 1

Draw a Card from The Card Box.

Step 2

Perform action on The Card. (Supplies are in The Box.)

step 3

Winner wins The Card or drawn Card is returned to The Card Box or the drawn Card is returned to The Card Box and 1 team or player loses 1 Card. If the team or player losing 1 Card does not have any Cards return the drawn Card to The Card Box.

Step 4

Pass The Card Box clockwise.


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